After Destiny 2’s latest expansion got delayed, the community was left with questions about how this longer gap would affect different updates being added to the game and when would we get more info and past week’s weekly update cleared that up with flying colors.

To kick things off, Destiny 2’s Director will update us with a State of the Game blog post detailing about the development of Destiny 2 during its second year and what they’ve learned from it.
After that a follow-up will be posted talking about the future of the game.

During Shadowkeep’s reveal we got a small tease of how armor will work on the new expansion, promising greater customization than the franchise has ever had.

On August 14th their community team will host a livestream on Youtube, Mixer and Twitch showing a preview on how this new armor will work

Building a Better Monster Killing Machine”

Bungie will be present at Gamescon showing more details about Shadowkeep and in PAX West inviting players to try out the new crucible environment and changes.

Before that, we’ll get a “PVP reveal for Shadowkeep”, this is not new since we got one for Forsaken, and it hopes to answer a lot of questions on how Bungie intends to improve PvP with Shadowkeep, specially with the lack of updates for it in the past year.


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