In 2016, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s ForwardWorks announced that they were making a slew of games for iOS and Android. From Arc the Lad to Wild Arms to PaRappa the Rapper to Final Fantasy and so much more.

Flash forward to 2019, we’ve gotten every game we were promised including more like a brand new Toro puzzle title alongside a new What Did I Do to Deserve This My Lord game. So where the hell is PaRappa the Rapper?

While we don’t necessarily have a concrete answer, we do know that the studio is having some issues with its Disgaea RPG, ending the game’s serives in April only to relaunch it in November. This could be main issue, as the other team is doing the new Toro puzzle title mentioned earlier. These are all free to play as well as essentially online only, so issues were bound to happen.

The future of PaRappa the Rapper is becoming a less and less bright. After the PSP emulated game of the original on PS4 and the PS2 emulated sequel also coming to Sony’s aging cobsole, that’s the last we saw from our little singing friend. Hopefully Sony Interactive Entertainment learns his importance in this industry soon and releases that game for iOS and Android as soon as they possible could.

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