Tekken fans, rejoice! You can now pump iron, hit the track, or simply chill to some beats from this renowned fighting series on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming platforms.

The soundtracks from Tekken to Tekken 7 are now available to listen to. However, Tag Tournament 1 & 2, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, and Revolution entries are not included. There’s still a lot of tracks to jam to though. Here’s the Spotify listing here!

The music of Tekken has progressed over the generation. With more recent entries, it has adapted to a dubstep and lo-fi style that fits with a fighting game such as this. Some standouts are Duomo Di Sirio, a more traditional theme, and Moonsiders. You can also listen to Jin Kazama’s bad ass theme in Tekken 3, and the fan favourite Moonlit Wilderness from Tekken 5. What will you be listening to?

Tekken 7 sales have continued to grow. “TEKKEN community, we raise a glass to you!” said Bandai Namco on Twitter. “Thanks to your continued support, #TEKKEN 7 has sold over 4 million copies worldwide! Thank you, and keep fighting.” The best selling game in the series still is Tekken 3 on the original PlayStation with 8.5 million copies.

Another season of Tekken 7 DLC is coming, which includes a new character Leroy, and Zafina.

Source: Push Square

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