The Official Pokemon YouTube channel has uploaded a new video, following the release at the 2019 World Championships, detailing new items, moves, and abilities for the upcoming title Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The new mechanics are as follows,

-Galarian Weezing’s signature ability “Neutralizing Gas” which neutralizes all ability effects for Pokemon currently in battle.

-Corviknight’s hidden ability “Mirror Armor” which reflects all stat lowering effects.

-Room Service, an item that lowers it’s holder’s speed during the effect of Trick Room.

-Eject Pack, an item that cause the holder to forcibly switch out when it’s stats are lowered.

-Breaking Swipe, a new move that lowers the attack of all opponents it hits.

-Dynamaxing will negate the flinching effects of moves that may cause you to flinch, such as Fake Out.

-Max Moves are shown to have powerful secondary effects, such as raising stats for the user and it’s teammates, or setting up secondary effects like Aurora Veil.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon shield are set to release on November 15th, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

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