According to @New_WabiSabi who leaked a major portion of E3 2019 and leaked that Hotline Miami would be coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 19th has confirmed another Microsoft game is coming to the Switch. Sabi has stated that Ori and the Blind Forest would be coming to the Switch on September 27th.

Ori is currently available on both Xbox One and PC but with Nintendo and Microsoft currently porting titles to the Nintendo Switch such as Cuphead and Super Lucky’s Tale it’s very possible that Ori will either be the first game or last game revealed during the Indie World Direct which is slated for August 19th. Ori has a sequel game in the works titled Ori and the Will of the Wisps which is currently only planned to release on Xbox One and PC so it’s possible that later down the line it could come to the Switch.

Ori and the Blind Forest will release on the Nintendo Switch on September 27th.

Source: Twitter

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