It has already been known that Hideo Kojima, legendary game developper, and Geoff Keighley, host and producer of the Game Awards, were good friends. Geoff famously made a tribute to Hideo Kojima during one of the Game Awards when he wasn’t allowed to attend due to Konami. It appears that Hideo Kojima has included Geoff in his own game Death Stranding. Indeed during the opening ceremony of Gamescom 2019, some gameplay footage of the game was revealed and one of characters named “Ludens Fan”, is played none other than by Geoff Keighley himself! The character is based off Kojima Productions’ own mascot Ludens. However, Ludens Fan is voiced by Matthew Mercer in the game.


Kojima has stated that there will be more cameos in Death Stranding. What are some of the cameos you’d like to see in Death Stranding? Comment down below!


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