Rewind is where we talk about the games that are from our past and for me there’s no better game than the one that started it all, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Pokémon is a big franchise and many kids played these games when the craze hit the all time high in the 90s. I had already played video games before playing Pokémon, I had family that let me play Duck Hunt but the first game i ever owned was Pokémon LeafGreen. I woke up on Christmas morning wondering what was underneath the tree and what I found changed the world for me. I was handed two packages to open both around the same size, when I opened the first one all I saw was a green monster with a large flower on its back staring back at me.

I was confused until I opened the second gift and found a black Gameboy Advance SP that’s when I popped the game in and was greeted with an opening I’ll never forget.

I started my adventure with Squirtle and once I left Pallet Town and began my adventure to be the best trainer in Kanto it felt incredible. Traveling across mountains, forests and cities in an attempt to become the very best was something amazing to me, I would always catch any new Pokémon I found and save everytime I entered a new area so I don’t lose my place in the game. Growing up I played a lot of games on my GBA but LeafGreen was the one I returned to the most and while catching the legendary Zapdos with a Master Ball seems silly to me now but back then I thought it was the only way and when I stumbled into the Seafoam islands and discovered Articuno i freaked out thinking that I couldn’t capture it without another Master Ball. But what I’ll always remember is finally beating the Elite Four and making my way to the final opponent of the game, the rival of the game. I was shocked but luckily I healed my Pokémon and was able to deliver the final blow with my Blastoise and became the champion. I was so happy and looking back at it now that memory brings me happiness.

The word of Pokémon is a special place for me because growing up I lived in a place where making friends was hard so my GBA and LeafGreen was a fun thing to have. Everytime I reminisce about the past LeafGreen always comes to mind because of all the fun I had and the memories I made, I still have my original Gameboy and my copy of the game to which I lost the box but hey I was young so boxes didn’t mean anything to me back then.

It’s crazy to think what my life would be like if I never got that Gameboy if I never got into gaming of Pokémon didn’t change my life for the better.

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