The day has come and Destiny 2 has finally allowed its players to access Cross Save capabilities for the game.

What is Cross Save?

Cross Save is the ability of having the same character data accross different platforms where you play the game. Be it PlayStation, Xbox, PC or Google Stadia. Your characters progress will be the same everywhere.

How to enable it?

1) Head to, log into your account (or create a newone) and press the “Get Started” button.

2) Mark the checkbox and press “Get Started”

3) Make sure you authenticate into all accounts where you have the game, and that they’re the correct usernames and characters. After that, press “Continue”.

If any of the authentications fail, check you’re using the correct usernames and passwords for each and wait some minutes before trying again. Having at least one character on each platform may help.

4) Select the account you want to have accesible everywhere, the other characters will be disabled but won’t be deleted. You can disable Cross Save to access this disabled characters every 90 days (to avoid smurfing/recoveries). Once ready, press “Review Setup”.

5) Confirm the accounts are correct and that the selected platform is the one you want everywhere. Once ready, press “Yes, Do IT!”

And you’re done! Now your selected characters will be available on all platforms so you can seamlessly play on the platform you want without having to redo progress or reacquire your hard earned loot.

See you all at The Tower!




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