During Suda 51’s panel at Gamescom, he addressed a few questions about some high profile titles, including the much sought after Killer 7, and less sought after Lollipop Chainsaw.

First up was No More Heroes 3, stating that the game is 50% complete. This is exciting news, but he also stated that he wants the No More Heroes franchise to beat Final Fantasy and have at least 16 games. Now, that may have been a joke, but there is no telling with Suda.

He also mentioned the divisive Lollipop Chainsaw, and it could actually make a comeback.

Perhaps most importantly, depending on which title you prefer, Suda 51 mentioned that Killer 7 will have a perfect edition in the future. He also mentioned he has the original story for Killer 7 on his PC, and may release the rest of it online in the future.

This is all pretty exciting news for Suda fans.

Source: Twitter

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