A ResetEra user by the name of MondoMega has posted information from a datamine which points to new modes (and other content) coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It confirms one Smash mode, one Games and More mode and 3 online modes. Here is the text from the datamine:

cmn_mode_collection_00 – Vault
cmn_mode_collection_01 – Replays
cmn_mode_collection_02 – Sounds
cmn_mode_collection_03 – Movies
cmn_mode_collection_04 – Tips
cmn_mode_collection_05 – Records
cmn_mode_collection_06 – Challenges
cmn_mode_collection_07 – Shop

cmn_mode_help_00 – Help

cmn_mode_local_00 – Local Wireless

cmn_mode_melee_00 – Smash
cmn_mode_melee_01 – Smash
cmn_mode_melee_02 – Squad Strike
cmn_mode_melee_03 – Tourney
cmn_mode_melee_04 – Special Smash
cmn_mode_melee_05 – Super Sudden Death
cmn_mode_melee_06 – Custom Smash
cmn_mode_melee_07 – N/A
cmn_mode_melee_08 – Smashdown

cmn_mode_online_00 – Online
cmn_mode_online_01 – Smash
cmn_mode_online_02 – N/A
cmn_mode_online_03 – N/A
cmn_mode_online_04 – N/A
cmn_mode_online_05 – Spectate
cmn_mode_online_06 – N/A
cmn_mode_online_07 – N/A
cmn_mode_online_08 – Battle Arenas
cmn_mode_online_09 – Background Search

cmn_mode_option_00 – Options

cmn_mode_other_00 – Games & More
cmn_mode_other_01 – Classic Mode
cmn_mode_other_02 – amiibo
cmn_mode_other_03 – Training
cmn_mode_other_04 – Mob Smash
cmn_mode_other_05 – Cruel Smash
cmn_mode_other_06 – Century Smash
cmn_mode_other_07 – All-Star Smash
cmn_mode_other_08 – Mii Fighters
cmn_mode_other_09 – N/A
cmn_mode_other_10 – N/A
cmn_mode_other_11 – Techniques
cmn_mode_other_12 – Challenger’s Approach

cmn_mode_spirits_00 – Spirits
cmn_mode_spirits_01 – Spirit Board
cmn_mode_spirits_02 – Adventure
cmn_mode_spirits_03 – Collection
cmn_mode_spirits_04 – Spirit List
cmn_mode_spirits_05 – Level Up
cmn_mode_spirits_06 – Summon
cmn_mode_spirits_07 – Dismiss
cmn_mode_spirits_08 – Team Setup
cmn_mode_spirits_09 – Activities
cmn_mode_spirits_10 – Dojo
cmn_mode_spirits_11 – Gym
cmn_mode_spirits_12 – Explore

The data shows gaps in Smash, Games and More, Online so what are they? We can only guess at this point but if the Smash mode could be Coin Battle, a classic mode which didn’t make the launch of the game. The Games and More mode has to be Home Run Contest. A mode where the player has to hit the sandbag as far as possible usually with the baseball bat, another mode that missed the launch of the game and one that has been frequently requested by fans. The Online modes could be anything, Squad Strike Online, Smashdown Online and Custom Tourneys are potential candidates. Since this was the result of a datamine that happened a few months ago, some of the gaps have been filled with VR and Stage Builder etc.

I personally want a proper ranked mode for one of the online modes, Quick play/Elite Smash just doesn’t cut it for me. Something with a ranked system, similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ with its ranks, badges etc. These modes will probably get added to the game when Banjo becomes available, which is scheduled to release in Fall 2019.


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