Every year I am excited to get the new Madden game, regardless if I think it will be another “copy and paste” game or not. This year was no different. As soon as the game released, I had my copy and was ready to play. It always feels great to open up the game for the first time because you are still excited and you haven’t hit the bullshit yet… This year it is the brand new X Factor addition. Let me tell you why they are ruining the gameplay for this year’s Madden.

As I have been progressing through a online season with some friends, I have come to the conclusion that the “X Factors” are so OP (overpowered) that it’s disgusting. For example, every time Harrison Smith is “in the zone” and hits one of my players, the ball is on the ground 100% of the time and I’m left wanting to throw my controller through the screen. I haven’t broken any controllers in my lifetime, but with this type of BS happening I am getting pretty damn close.. I’m not disregarding Harrison Smith as a great football player. However, I can GUARANTEE every single time he hits someone the ball does not end up on the ground.

Another example of X Factors absolutely destroying gameplay would be Saquon Barkley. He has an X Factor called “First One Free” this means when he gets “in the zone” he will break every single first tackle he faces… this is ABSURD. It makes the game not enjoyable when you’re playing against super humans and can’t do anything to stop them.

The Madden series thrives on making the player feel a part of the NFL. We are getting further from the simulation-type gameplay that we know and love, when we have additions like “X Factor”. Hopefully we see this addition eliminated with Madden 2021..


When they bring back NCAA Football. 🙂