YouTuber and Data miner, “The Gaming Merchant”, leaked a video of what the next Apex character will be. “Immortal” will be the yin to the yang of Lifeline. With two characters that are based around healing, some gunfights could last quite some time. “The Gaming Merchant” talks about what could be Immortal’s abilities and they seem… interesting and maybe even overpowered as of now.

Apparently, Immortal will be able to self-revive when they get downed WITHOUT the golden knock down shield. I am actually okay with this.. if it takes just as long as the golden knockdown shield then that’s really not that big of deal. The second ability is a shield charging/tear down ability. When Immortal is targeting enemies and starts engaging, they unleash a cloud of nanites to charge your team’s shields. Now when you are hitting the enemies, Immortal releases another cloud of nanites that start tearing down their shields. This already needs to be balanced out and it’s not even released yet! I can see this ability really changing the game and getting quite a few complaints going forward.

The third and final ability will be “Rise of the Phoenix” and this will restore your health and shields to 100% and give your teammates a 30 second window to self revive. This also seems pretty OP and I can see this also gaining negative attention. Now, since this has been leaked, Respawn very well may change some things around. I guess we will have to just wait and see what happens.