Shovel Knight is back, with a new game, and a whole new look

Yacht Club Games, known for the critically acclaimed game Shovel Knight and it’s following DLC’s, had a direct presentation where they showcased everything new that they were working on, and the final announcement was a pleasant surprise, Shovel Knight is back with a whole new game.

Shovel Knight Dig is a collaboration between Yacht Club Games, and Nitrome, who is known for making browser and mobile games, the history revolves around Drill Knight, who attacked Shovel Knight’s peaceful campsite and stole his treasures, so you must dig and go after them!

The game has what is described by it’s creators as “glorious high color pixel graphics”, instead of the original game’s 8-bit inspired presentation, it seems as if the levels will be procedurally generated, and the soundtrack will be made by Jake Kaufman, who worked on the original Shovel Knight, so it is expected to be quite good, and the trailer’s music confirms it.

Currently the game has no release date, but it is confirmed to be on the Nintendo Switch, so we will have to wait and see for new information on the near future.

For more info, visit the game’s page:

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