Ever want the impeccable Astral Chain on PlayStation? Director Hideki Kamiya has essentially said ask Nintendo. Here’s what he said (translated, originally in Japanese) when he Tweeted:

Well… it would be great to have Mario, Zelda, and Metroid on the PS4 too… As for me, do I hate PlayStation…? I’m just a developer fulfilling my contractual obligations so I don’t know, maybe you can try asking my publisher and investor Nintendo?

Hideki Kamiya (translated)

Given this is Nintendo’s IPs, it’s virtually impossible to get this game on anything but MAYBE mobile. It’s ultimately a shitty situation as it’s alongside the likes of Mario and Zelda, they’d be Nintendo only.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, as well as Microsoft, has no power to fund a port over to their respective consoles since Platinum unfortunately doesn’t own the IP. What is awesome though is future games could happen if Nintendo is insanely happy with the success, which it sits at an 88 on Metacritic and is also Platinum’s first #1 charting game in the UK.

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