Every couple of years, a new game comes around that pushes the boundaries of play. Today, there’s a game that will exceed VR’s biggest potential. In enters Low-Fi, an absolute stunning open-world title that aims to have an insane dystopia where robots run wild, but they aren’t allowed to have sex.

With hundreds of crimes and stories to experience, deep NPCs, and even gun-play, Low-Fi isn’t messing around with how great things could be. You’re able to do the right thing or go corrupt and do whatever you please, the choice is yours.

The emphasis is on exploration and character driven stories. Like a holodeck program, the player is free to explore the city, further narratives, or just hang out in the arcades and back alleys spending their hard earned credits.

Moral grey areas can be explored via player choice in most situations through actions or dialogue trees. You can for example chose to take a bribe rather than arrest a criminal, or even frame a third party for personal gain. Who’s going to stop you?

You are free to fly around your entire jurisdiction (section 303). Credits are awarded during your shift for both time and for duties (busts, etc.). Credits can be used at black market shops, dark web delivery systems, vending machines etc., for anything from ship upgrades to bribes or just some decorations for your capsule apartment.

We want LOW-FI to feel like a real world. Completely non-linear and open ended with plenty to see and do.

via Kickstarter

What I find interesting is they specifically mention PS5’s PS VR. This got me thinking that developers are already moving over so bigger titles could be ported that PS4 just couldn’t handle. FromSoftware said that they weren’t making anymore PS VR games due to limited power, so maybe PS5’s power might be helpful.

Low-Fi is coming to PS5’s PS VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality. It could potentially come to PS4’s PS VR alongside Oculus Quest.

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