Nintendo announced at the Direct that SNES games were coming to its the Nintendo Switch Online service which would tag along with the NES Titles. Even with a SNES controller that Switch online members can purchase for $29.99 USD, and on Thursday they added a whomping total of 20 SNES games which results that NES and SNES together having over 60 games being part of the service, and since Nintendo’s online service launched September 2018, they did monthly additions arranging a Year for $20, and not adding any charges towards the NES titles as the games list for NES and (now) SNES titles being added monthly is likely going to be changed. Apparently, the source (Business Insider) received a email stating this on more NES titles coming..

“More NES games will be added in the future, but those releases will not adhere to a regular schedule.” -Nintendo Rep

This isn’t just for NES it’s also for the SNES that was recently announced at the Direct.

“More Super NES games will be added after launch, but those releases will not adhere to a regular schedule – Nintendo Rep

From the source (Buisness Insider) also were told from the Rep to “Look forward on future announcements for more NES/SNES games coming to the Online Service”.

So mostly stating that we need to stay tuned for when they announce more NES/SNES titles coming to it’s service.

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