A spinoff to This is the Police is in the works and releases real soon. The game is called Rebel Cops and is a turn based tactics game where a group of police officers band together to take down Victor Zuev the new crime lord of a small town known as Ripton who has taken over the town and has most of the officials under his payroll.

The game is mainly focused on trying to arrest the criminals you encounter but if you need to get violent the game has no hit points meaning if you shoot someone they will bleed out and need immediate help or if you get a headshot they instantly die so you must pick and chose what must be done to bring justice to your town.

The game features a notoriety system where in order to gain the respect of civilians you can do missions for them such as rescuing family members or sharing valuables that you find in your adventures. If your respect is in the negatives shop owners may refuse to sell to you and some of your fellow officers may turn their backs and betray you so try to keep that respect up.

Rebel Cops releases on September 17th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.