The newest system update for the Nintendo Switch has dropped. Version 9.0 is now live and comes with a couple new features. The biggest feature added is the ability to check invites on your user page. Meaning if a friend has invited you to play a game with them it’ll show up on your invite menu. The feature is currently not available to use yet but it seems that with the Switch lite on the horizon this might be a feature that will be implemented into games such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros real soon. Another notable feature is alarm notifications which states that alarms can be checked or deleted which is probably for parents who want to limit their children’s time on their Nintendo Switch.

A new feature has been added for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite which releases on September 20th, an option to turn the systems buttons on or off meaning that you can use other controllers and not worry about the buttons on the Switch lite.

Recently the Switch was hit with a major bug that has now been fixed in version 9.0, the bug in question was that if you recently purchased the season pass for Fire Emblem: Three Houses your game would not load and an error would occur. A new sensitivity was added to the switch as well, you can now change between standard and stylus modes. The stylus mode is an optimized setting for those playing in handheld mode and are playing something like Super Mario Maker 2.

Source: Twitter