Pokemon Snap is a spin off title for the Nintendo 64, released on March, 21 1999. The goal of this particular spin off, was take pictures of Pokemon, that’s it! Something so simplistic became a fan favorite among many older Pokemon Fans. A Rail-Shooter type game where instead of shooting enemies, you shoot pictures and solve mini puzzles, and with a Pokemon theme to tie it all up. Seems like a recipe for chaos, but in the end we were given a masterpiece.



Pokemon Snap is a rail-shooter type game centered around the photography of Pokemon, and it handles like a typical N64 game, a bit clunky, but once you get the controls it’s relatively smooth. The commands are all logical to say the least for something using the N64 controller. While it looks like the poly counts are unbelievably low, the game itself is fun and immersive enough to where it doesn’t even bother me anymore. In the majority of levels you follow a set path where Pokemon have set routes and actions they take, you can interact with the world by tasking pictures, throwing apples, throwing Pester Balls, or playing the Poke Flute. Each of these can cause Pokemon to follow your trail, emerge from hiding, or even wake up. You are tasked with taking pictures of the 63 available species of Pokemon, and each picture can be graded on “Size”, “Action”, “Position”, and “Same Pokemon”. Size referring to how big the Pokemon is in the shot, action referring to what the Pokemon is doing, Position referring to the Pokemon being centered in the shot, and Same Pokemon as multiple of the same Pokemon in one shot. Even if you aren’t a photography master, its fun to figure out how to get all the Pokemon to appear for you, or what unique paths you may unlock.



There isn’t much of a story to this game other than Professor Oak asking you to take pictures of Pokemon, because he couldn’t just look them up in the Pokedex. You are sent through 7 courses to photograph 63 Pokemon and 7 signs, or things that look like Pokemon.=, like the Pinsir above. Once you go through the first 6 courses you are greeted by a special Pokemon on the Rainbow Cloud.

Overall Opinion

Pokemon Snap is one of the greatest Spin Offs in the franchise, its fun and challenging to try and get the perfect pictures of all the Pokemon, yet fun enough to where anyone can enjoy it. Finding all the little secrets, and gathering Pokemon together for silly pictures is entertaining and fills my child like mind with glee. If you can find this game, I highly recommend it. A must have for any Pokemon fan.

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