It seems the message has been received. Star Ocean’s official twitter has released a trailer promoting a remaster of the original Star Ocean: First Departure. Titled, Star Ocean First Departure R, the game serves as a retelling of the first game but with new features. Some new features include newly balanced battle mechances, double speed mode and even voice acting and animated cutscenes. They even revealed some of the voice actors in the game such as Yuri Lowenthal, Katie Leigh, Sam Gold, Julie Maddalen and others. Plus the voices can be toggled between English, the original Japanese voices and new Japanese vocals. They also show new character art as well. It’s a lot for a game as intense as this.

Star Ocean: First Departure R will be released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 5, 2019. People who pre-order on PS4 will get a Static Theme and a Mini Digital Soundtrack.

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