Disney is reportedly trying to sell FoxNext, the final gaming brand Disney owns according to Bloomberg. Formed in 2017, FoxNext is responsible for Marvel Strike Force which grossed $150 million since March of last year. That’s a load of cash so it doesn’t make sense to sell them. They are making a brand new Alien game via their Cold Iron Studios, and could even make other games for Disney as they please.

However, Disney and first party has never clicked. They shuttered Avalanche in 2016, the developers behind Disney Infinity. They seem to enjoy outsourcing their IPs like Star Wars and EA, Marvel with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Square Enix, plus others. It reduces the need to produce a game themselves alongside free marketing so this might be their approach going forward.

Regardless of the situation, the next Alien game is still in development. There is no word on how selling this developer off will affect the use of Disney IPs like Alien and Avatar for this studio.

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