It wouldn’t be a Nintendo console without a gimmick, whether it be the Wii Fit Balance Board or even the Donkey Konga Bongo Drums. The Nintendo Switch is about to recieve its second, the first being Nintendo Labo. Announced in a short trailer last week, Nintendo revealed today what is bound to be a sort of successor to Wii Fit. Ring Fit Adventure is a new style of adventure game. Taking advantage of the Ring Con and Leg Strap accessories, you won’t need to press buttons on the Joy Con, you move your body to play the game, take a look.

Releasing on October 18th, 2019, the Nintendo Switch will get its Wii Fit. It will be interesting to see if we will start to see, Aunties and Grandparents have a Ring Fit Adventure laying around just like they had a Wii Fit Balance Board. We can only wait and see.

Source: Twitter

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