I am 100% confident that Waluigi will be DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and I’ll tell you why.

Back at E3 2018 when Super Smash Bros Ultimate was fully unveiled Waluigi was also, as an assist trophy. Out of all the announcements that day, Ridley being revealed, every character in Smash history returning, and many more, I’d argue that Waluigi staying as an assist trophy had the biggest impact. There was mass outrage and he become the biggest meme on the internet for a time. There’s absolutely no way that Nintendo didn’t see this reaction.

While this isn’t confirmed it’s heavily rumored that the DLC was chosen around the time of E3, right when the Waluigi movement was at it’s peak. Nintendo’s and Sakurai’s ultimate goal with this game is to make the fans happy, and adding Waluigi would do that.

You also have to remember this is paid DLC. Saving one of the most requested Smash characters for DLC would make financial sense. Just look at the reaction for Joker, he completely crashed the Nintendo eShop and he was hardly a requested character.

Please don’t tell me that he can’t be in solely on the fact he’s already an assist trophy. It has never been offically confirmed that assist trophies can’t also be fighters. Just look at Chrom, he’s a Mii Fighter costume, apart of Robin’s final smash, and a character. Rathalos is a assist trophy a boss. Until Sakurai or Nintendo come out and say 100% for certain that assist trophies can’t be fighters I’m believing that Waluigi is in. Nothing is stopping him from being the first character to be a fighter and an assist trophy.

I’ve had people tell me I’m just in denial, and holding out hope that my most wanted Smash character will be in. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I never wanted Waluigi that badly, I think he’d be cool but there’s definitely other characters I’d prefer. I just know he’s very likely.

I don’t care if this article doesn’t convince you that Waluigi is in, my goal with this article is to make you realize that he’s not as impossible as you may have originally thought. Waluigi, while not as likely as other characters is still a 100% valid choice. I’ve been called crazy about this and am pretty tired of it. I’m not crazy, I’m just ahead of the curve.

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