At the most recent Nintendo Direct, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was announced to be making its way over to the Nintendo Switch, this coming January. This got me thinking, how many more Nintendo titles that were originally released on the Wii U could realistically make their way over to the Nintendo Switch. So I’d like to take some time to go through a few that I personally feel should come to the Switch. I’d also like to mention a few that I feel should stay in the past on the Wii U. So without further ado, here’s some Wii U ports that I’d like to see on the Nintendo Switch, and some that I wouldn’t like to see.

Would Like To See: Pikmin 3

Back in early 2013, the Wii U had a very dry lineup, and there wasn’t a very strong reason to own the system. Then, Pikmin 3 came along and blew many Nintendo fans away, with its beautiful visuals and addictive gameplay. This game was the start of a nice hot streak for the new console back then. While the game did take advantage of the Wii U Gamepad features, things could be easily changed up to fit the Nintendo Switch. While Pikmin 4 has allegedly been close to completion for several years now, Pikmin 3 making its way over to the Nintendo Switch would be a very nice appetizer for the time being.

Would Like To See: The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker HD

The Wind Waker is considered by many the very best Zelda game. Some would even say it’s one of the greatest games of all time. The HD remaster released for the Wii U did the original game justice and gave new life to what many already considered a timeless classic. However, as we all know, the Wii U didn’t do so great. This is a beautiful HD remaster that would benefit from a much larger audience being able to experience it. With the sequel to Breath Of The Wild in the cards right now, this would be a great game for Nintendo to bring over to the Switch to give new fans a small taste of what’s to come, and old fans a nice stroll down memory lane.

Would Not Like To See: Kirby And The Rainbow Curse

Kirby And The Rainbow Curse had a lot of potential when it was first announced. However, once it released, it was clear that the game was a pretty big disappointment, and not what it had the potential to become. This is definitely the most forgettable Kirby title in the last decade. With the constant reliance on the touch screen of the Wii U Gamepad, this game really couldn’t work well on the Nintendo Switch for TV Mode users. While they could take advantage of the pointer controls, I personally feel like it would just make an already mediocre game, much more unbearable. Sorry Kirby fans, but I think it’s best that we leave this rubbish in the past.

Would Like To See: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a perfect example of the right game releasing at the wrong time. The game released back in 2015, when it was basically clear to everyone that the Wii U was a dead console. This led to a very minuscule amount of interest in the game upon release. Thankfully, the Xenoblade Chronicles series is more popular than ever before. With the second installment becoming a huge hit with many Nintendo fans, and the original getting a full remaster next year, bringing Xenoblade Chronicles X over to the Nintendo Switch would complete the trifecta of all current Xenoblade games being available to play on one console.

Would Like To See: The Wonderful 101

I’m going to be completely upfront and honest here, I am personally not a fan of The Wonderful 101. I tried it out, back when it released in 2013, and it just couldn’t hold my interest for too long. So you’re surely wondering, if I didn’t enjoy the game, why do I want to see it get ported onto the Nintendo Switch? To put it simply, I feel like this is such a unique concept, and such a fun idea, that it does deserve a new lease on life. While I personally did not enjoy it, I know that the game does have a passionate fanbase that would love to see this game brought back into the spotlight.

Would Not Like To See: Paper Mario Color Splash

Paper Mario Color Splash was one of the biggest disappointments on the Wii U, to me. Like many who dislike this game, I am a massive fan of Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. Ever since the game released back in 2004, the Paper Mario series has slowly been on the decline. Paper Mario Color Splash to me, represented rock bottom for the franchise. With other series like Mario Party and Mario Tennis seemingly taking steps back to their roots, I feel like it would be a huge shame if the Paper Mario series didn’t do the same. Paper Mario Color Splash also heavily relies on the Wii U Gamepad, they’d have to make major changes to the game for a Nintendo Switch port to work. At that point, they should just spend that time on a brand new installment in the series instead. This game needs to be left in the past, and the Paper Mario series shouldn’t look back.

Would Like To See: Star Fox Zero

While many think otherwise, I personally do not think Star Fox Zero was a bad game. However, I think Star Fox Zero had one colossal flaw that severely held the game back, the Wii U Gamepad. The Wii U Gamepad being forced in a good chunk of this game really ruined my experience with it. However, the Nintendo Switch obviously does not have the Wii U Gamepad as a controller. Therefore, if this game was to be ported onto the Nintendo Switch, the Wii U Gamepad focused segments would have to be altered, which would result in a much better product. If the fine folks at Nintendo have no interest in giving us a new installment in the Star Fox series, I would love for them to at least give Star Fox Zero another opportunity to shine, this time without the issues the Wii U Gamepad created.

Would Like To See: The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess HD

Like Wind Waker, Twilight Princess is a favorite for a good chunk of Zelda fans. It was very clear that the HD remaster that was released for the Wii U back in 2016, was to hold fans over during the long wait for Breath Of The Wild, and maybe to sell a few more amiibo. Since then, Breath Of The Wild has proven to be a massive success, and has brought tons of new eyes to the series, and brought back some of the old fans to the series as well. Twilight Princess HD being brought over to the Nintendo Switch would be great for people to see what they’ve missed out on, and be able to experience a different way to play The Legend Of Zelda. With the interest in the series being larger than ever before, it should be for certain that this masterpiece has a place on the Nintendo Switch.

Would Not Like To See: Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival is without a doubt, the worst game Nintendo has ever released. This game is a complete embarrassment to the Animal Crossing franchise. This game single handily destroyed the amiibo craze that was built up for an entire year. There’s a reason why this game and the Animal Crossing series of amiibo have been discounted so heavily. This game was an absolute abomination in every single way imaginable. Now I will be completely logical here, does this game have any chance, whatsoever, of being brought over to the Nintendo Switch? Absolutely not. However, that won’t stop me from burying this game into the ground a little bit more than it already has constantly been, for the past four years and counting. With Animal Crossing New Horizons on the horizon and looking better than ever, I think after all these years it is safe to finally put this anger, and disappointment towards this disgrace of a video game in the past. Nintendo should never acknowledge this garbage, ever again.

Would Like To See: Super Mario 3D World

For years, Nintendo fans have been clamoring for Super Mario 3D World to make its way onto the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch has a major focus on co-op gameplay, and this game does as well, it’s a perfect fit. There is no doubt about it that this game should make its way over to the Nintendo Switch, it’s got so much potential to thrive on the console. Personally, I’d love to see some bonus content added, Toadette as a playable character would be a nice addition. I’d also love to see some new levels added that represent Super Mario Odyssey. There are so many possibilities for what they could do to add on to an already fantastic Mario game. Hopefully this game makes it way over to the Nintendo Switch sooner, rather than later.

Well, there you have it. Those are all of the Wii U games that I’d like to see ported to the Nintendo Switch, and a few that I sincerely hope do not. Overall, the Wii U had a solid library, but it being a mediocre console itself held it back greatly. While the pricing of these ports are definitely questionable, I will admit I think these games are best enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch. It’s great that these games are being brought over to a much larger install base, and I am glad to see that a bigger audience is able to enjoy these wonderful games.