The mesmerising Split Pad Pro from Hori is truly a sight to behold and ever since they revealed it, I have had my eye on it. Despite this being a Daemon X Machina edition, it will probably feel better to play most action orientated games with the Split Pad Pro. However, they have been rather tricky to track down with fans having next to know luck. They work like a pro controller you split apart and can attach to the Nintendo Switch (like you do with your Joy Cons).

I’m eager to see how these feel while playing.

That has all changed today as Amazon have them up for order, they are £44.99 in the UK with orders expected to ship on September 30th. In the USA you will probably find them temporarily out of stock but you can still order them if you don’t mind a wait.

No other Split Pad Pro models have been announced so far but we may see another run of these or an unbranded Split Pad Pro in the future depending on how everyone takes to these.


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