Also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow released in 1996, and brought a bout of “PokeMania” to the world with it. Spawning Movies, and Anime Adaptation, Manga, Toys, Trading Cards, Cereal, and almost anything you can think of. These games spawned generations of players who fell in love with these not so pocket sized monsters.


Pokemon R/B/Y are typical JRPG games with turn based combat and random encounters. Using a team of 6 Pokemon you are to fight and train to defeat 8 gyms, The Elite 4, and The Champion. But as the motto goes, “Gotta Catch them All!” a secondary goal being collect all available Pokemon, which can’t be done without Trading with a different version from the one you own. Pokemon has changed through the years, but the core mechanics haven’t, other than bug improvement. R/B/Y had notorious glitches such as the 1/256 glitch where items and moves with 100% success rates would fail 1/256 times, or MissingNo, or Glitch City, and many more. However, R/B/Y are still fantastic games and should be experienced by any fan of the series.



\The Story of R/B/Y is near nonexistent, beat the gyms, defeat Team Rocket, and boom that’s really it. The story is expanded in the remakes, Fire Red and Leaf Green, but there isn’t too much in the base games. There isn’t much else to say about the story, it’s just so minimal compared to any other Pokemon title, however this game is still amazing.


Overall Opinion

While there isn’t much story-wise, The Original Pokemon titles are fantastic, collecting Pokemon, Trading, Battling, finding out all the difference between versions, its all a blast. Every Pokemon fan should enjoy the retro Glory of the original games. It makes you appreciate the newer games, with the improved graphics, music, and mechanics. Pokemon R/B/Y are fantastic games, and will forever stay in my top 10 games of all time. Try them out sometime.

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