A new event has launched for Overwatch that involves a new legendary skin for Bastion. The event is called Bastion’s brick challenge where the reward is a Lego skin for Bastion that turns bullets and bird Ganymede into Lego objects. In order to receive the legendary skin you just have to win 9 quick play, arcade or competitive matches, alongside the Lego skin there will be some other cosmetics added to the challenge.

  • Brickstion icon
  • Brick Ganymede icon
  • Brick Mercy Spracy
  • Brick Pharah Spray
  • Brickstion Skin

There is also more cosmetics to earn but instead those are earned by watching specific Twitch streamers that are listed below.

The event will last until September 30th so try to earn those cosmetics and the legendary skin while it’s available.

Overwatch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with the Nintendo Switch version available on October 15th.

Source: Overwatch

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