Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, has confirmed that he could expand the Worldwide Studios into Asia (outside of Japan).

Essentially this would open the door to many developers like Spikewave Games, Ultizero Games, alongside various others. The China Hero Project alone has a slew of developers the Worldwide Studios, like Naughty Dog, are already helping develop games for. So it’s like they are apart of the family, might as well make them official with a full budget, you know. Then you have the Korean side of gaming which is absolutely insane, so they could expand that way as well.

SIE Worldwide studio, create a full-fledged game as a publisher, in the studio to play a role to continue to expand, because Japan, the United States and Europe of developers are participating in, I think that rare in the world. There is also a possibility that the participation of Asian developers to us in the future. when that happens, make the game towards the Asian market, we are beginning to think also going to be interesting kinda thing.

Shuhei Yoshida via Google Translate

The PlayStation Worldwide Studios are a mix of 18 developers consisting of the likes of Insomniac Games, ForwardWorks, Santa Monica Studio, and Manchester Studio. They exist from the US to Europe to Japan, but not in Asia (outside of Japan) so it’ll be good for more developers and as well as getting a taste of new culture.

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