Announced just moments ago via a Twitch live steam, Arc System Works showed off the remaining fighters for the 2.0 update of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Many fans were hoping for yet another property to join the fight, like Skullgirl’s Filia or Persona 5’s Joker but that did not turn out to be the case. The characters that were announced were Elizabeth from Persona 3 who was featured in Persona 4 Arena, Tohru Adachi from Persona 4 and Arena, Hilda from Under Night In Birth, Celica from BlazBlue and Susanoo also from BlazBlue. All these amazing charterers will join the roster along side the already announced DLC fighters shown at E3 making for a total of 9 new fighters. according to the live stream, fans won’t have to wait too long to try out these fighters as they will be playable at a few trade shows before their release later on.

So what are your thoughts on the fighters? Are you looking forward to trying them or were you let down? I’m sure 2.0 isn’t the final update so maybe Cross Tag Battle will live a bit longer before the huge Guilty Gear release.

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