Fans of Borderlands and the number 3 rejoice! 2K announced this morning that Borderlands 3 is not only the fastest selling Borderlands game, but the fastest selling game in 2K history. It sold over 5 million copies in only 5 days.

Borderlands 3 saw a 50% increase in launch sales when compared to Borderlands 2. Despite Epic Games Store controversy, it also became the fastest selling PC game in 2K history. It’s also worth noting it broke pre order records for Epic Games Store. All this has turned Borderlands into a $1 billion dollar IP.

Not only are a lot of peiple playing the game, but it’s insanely popular to watch too. Borderlands 3 was the most viewed game on Twitch on launch day, and has stayed in the top 5 ever since. The game has brought in over 14 million hours worth of views on Twitch, which is more than half of what Borderlands 2 got in its entire lifespan.

Needless to say, Borderlands 3 is really popular.

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