This past August Psyonix revealed it would be removing Loot Crates from Rocket League completely. Today they have revealed what will take their place. Blueprints. The way they work is that when you finish a game you will be in with a chance to obtain a Blueprint. These are basically loot drops but you see what you are getting and you can obtain them. For a price. Giving players more transparency for the items they ae receiving. However, no word on price for items yet. They will implement Blueprints in an update that will go live this December.

That’s not the only thing that was covered, Psyonix revealed that there will be a new rotating Item Shop, probably similar to what Fortnite offers and more recently, Gears 5. The Item Shop will include legacy crate items, so you will have the opportunity to get that special item you may have missed. A bad thing about the shop is that all items will be tied to your account, so unfortunately no trading.

And finally, when the update goes live your keys (what you use to open crates) will convert into credits and your crates will convert into Blueprints of the same category. What do you think about the idea of Blueprints? Do you think they will be a more fair option to Loot Crates? Let us know.


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