Update #4: Quite literally – RIP. Some studios finish their contractual work after bankruptcy but according to Liam Robertson, they’re done entirely. So their assistance on the game they were working on has stopped and full development might’ve gone with the main developer unless another developer is involved.

Update #3: AlphaDream still have involvement in another game, and its coming to Nintendo Switch. However the name of it isn’t known to the public.

Update #2: Due to the bankruptcy, Nintendo now owns the Mario & Luigi IP.

Update: AlphaDream‘s website has gone offline.

Original Story: In a bit of very sad news long time Mario & Luigi developers have filed for bankruptcy. AlphaDream was first founded in early 2000 and has been behind many notable Gameboy Advanced games and the majority of the Mario & Luigi series. Everyone at Jack Of All Controllers hopes everyone at AlphaDream can find new work and opportunity.

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