First off, as a bit of a disclaimer I’d like to state that this article is in no way shape or form meant to be disrespectful to the folks at AlphaDream. The entire Jack of all Controllers team wishes each member of the team the very best of luck in the future.

The departure of AlphaDream is without a doubt a very disappointing thing to see. What the company did for the Mario RPG series was excellent. They created some of the most memorable games we’ve seen for the respective consoles they appeared on. While this is the end of an era for the company, this is hopefully not the end of an era for the Mario RPG series. There are several possibilities for where the future of the series could be taken.

The most likely possibility that should be considered right now is the fact that the Mario And Luigi series could still continue, but under a different studio. However, Nintendo themselves don’t own an awful lot of studios. Nintendo does however have good relationships with several studios outside of their own. So it is very possible that they’d be able to trust another studio with the Mario And Luigi IP. One big thing to take into consideration though is that the new studio taking control of the Mario And Luigi series may not stay true to the same formula the fans previously fell in love with. This is a similar situation to what happened with the Mario Party series, after it was passed on from Hudson Soft to NDcube.

Another possible situation is that the Mario And Luigi series could just be simply put back on the shelf for a while. However in its place, Nintendo could bring back another beloved series to its roots, the Paper Mario series. It’s no secret that the Paper Mario series is a shell of its former self nowadays. Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64, and its sequel Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door for the Nintendo GameCube are some of the most beloved Nintendo games in the long history of the company. However, the Paper Mario series has seemingly been on a slight decline with each entry since. If Nintendo does end up deciding to put the Mario And Luigi series on hold for a bit, the Paper Mario series going back to its roots would be a good idea to keep fans from remaining disappointed.

One more possibility is the fact that Nintendo could just call for a reboot of the Mario RPG series. This could open the floodgates for tons of different possibilities. Not to mention, the Nintendo Switch would be a perfect place to start that initiative. However, this could end up being a more risky decision, as the Mario And Luigi series, as well as the Paper Mario series, are both already established. Nintendo also isn’t always known for taking big risks like that.

At the end of the day, only time will tell where the future of the Mario RPG series will be taken. All we can do at this point is hope for the best. No matter what happens, nothing will ever take away the fact that AlphaDream has created some amazing adventures. The amazing work of the company will never be forgotten, and will always be appreciated from Mario RPG fans around the world. Thank you AlphaDream.

Let us know what you guys think could happen with the future of the Mario RPG series, and let us know what your favorite Mario RPG games are. Thanks for reading!

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