Ex-GhostWire: Tokyo creative director Ikumi Nakamura has put in her bid (seemingly jokingly) for Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios. Well, the Internet was set ablaze saying what a good idea it would be that she should get a new Siren game in the works as well. The initial Tweet saw this:

Directly after that, she posted a picture with Shuhei Yoshida, making everything a little more suspicious.

What people also have to remember is when she announced she was leaving Tango Gameworks, both Cory Barlog (Santa Monica Studio) and Shuhei Yoshida were both insanely positive towards her and made it seem like something really could be up. Yes, it’s just speculation but when you have such a successful E3 showing with GhostWire and then you leave all of a sudden, you must’ve gotten a deal of a lifetime.

Here is what a few fans on Twitter had to say:

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