Just announced at Capcom’s New York Comic Con panel, tons of Resident Evil content is coming to the game. Monster hunter is no stranger to cross overs. we’ve seen the likes of Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter and Geralt from the Witcher series, but now our latest guests are about to bring more fear to the game. A brand new side mission is being added in which you play as the protagonists from Resident Evil 2, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. That’s not all the content coming, I will walk you through all the everything we saw in the announcement trailer.

Similar to the last crossover event, we must first complete a quest to gain access to the rest of the features included in this update. Keeping with Monster Hunter’s story, it seems that Leon and Claire are transported to this world by the same unknown force that brought Geralt and the Final Fantasy Behemoth before them. The trailer shows Leon facing off against the monster known as Vaal Hazak, fitting as it controls the bodies of other dead monsters fitting in with resident evil’s zombie theme. Once completed you will be able to craft the Leon and Claire costumes for your hunter to use in the rest of the game.

Cutscene shows Leon facing off with Vaal Hazak as Claire gets in the way

That’s not all, more cosmetic items will also be available based on the resident evil series. We don’t know yet if these are DLC or available in the update, but you will be able to dawn rotting zombie skin on your hunter as well as a cool zombie walk and dance emote. Introduced in Iceborne are the weapon charms and yes we will have a chance to earn resident evil themed charms. Finally what is maybe the weirdest inclusion is the Mr.X costume. Its not warn by the player but instead it’s warn by your quirky sidekick, The Handler.

Very unfitting scene. the Handler dressed as Mr. X cooks you a meal
The Tofu officer is now a cute weapon charm

We are very excited to play as these two as well as find the secrets that these new updates bring. we won’t have to wait long as its due out this November. View the full trailer here

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