Born to be Ranked as they say. Thrustmaster’s official Twitter reveals a new trailer for their upcoming PS4 Controller. Known as the eSwap Pro Controller, this controller is created for all gamers that are ranked and competitive on PS4. The trailer showcases the controller’s many unique features. One of the biggest being is Swappable models using the Hot-Swap Technology. The controller can be customized to the player’s liking offering various different combinations. The many parts of the controller can be changed and adjusted, not to mention having ultra responsive buttons with clear-click feeling, flexible triggers, a microphone mute option and profile selection. Not to mention having four rear buttons that can be mapped to however they want. The mini-sticks can be configured and triggered dead zone adjustment. This controller has it all and anyone that wants to get good and play good should get it.

The eSwap Pro Controller can be preordered at the website here and is available on November 5th, 2019… but only in Europe. No word on when this will come to North America and beyond.

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