Mistover is a new game from South Korean company Krafton Game Union, the company that brought us PUBG. This game is quite different however because it’s a rogulike game with a twist. It is also a turn-based RPG. It sounds weird but it looks like it works. If you need more convincing though there is a two demos for you to try which is available now. There is the time trial demo which gives players 10 minutes to escape a dungeon that they are in and there is the full demo. This one goes more into the lore of the game and introduces players to the mechanics.

Players take control of a Corps crew on their journey through a diverse dungeon excursion through the Pillar of Despair. Here is more about the game courtesy of Krafton:

A massive vortex known as the Pillar of Despair released a thick mist that swept across the small kingdom of Arta, decaying the once lush lands. From this vortex, tremendous creatures known as espers were released destroying everything in their path. As Arta laid on the brink of destruction, all attacks subsided and the Expedition Corps began recruiting members willing to brave the deadly mysteries and effects of what Corps members call the Misfortune Mist.

MISTOVER Highlights Include:

  • Over 40-hours of expeditions through five distinct regions
  • Procedurally generated dungeons deliver new expedition experiences every time
  • Build an invincible Corps by combining and strategizing with eight different classes
  • Learn and master over 13 unique skills and upgrade equipment to enhance Corps members
  • Exposure to the Mist affects everything, sometimes in surprising ways, including Corps members, monsters, plants and animals, and even equipment, items, and relics
  • Unique game systems find players managing internal conflicts between ‘satisfaction’ and ‘greed’
  • Novice to expert players can set their difficulty with Easy, Medium and Hard levels 
  • Designed for players who like difficulty, MISTOVER is not for the faint of heart – and features a permanent death system

The game will be available today (October 10th) on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. I’ll leave you with the launch trailer.

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