Things aren’t going good for Daybreak Studios. The developer of H1Z1 and Planetside 2 has been hit with another round of layoffs. Many of the layoffs hit employees that were working on Planetside 2 and Planetside Arena. Daybreak issued a statement stating the layoffs were done to optimize their structure and adjust resources. Not only that but they mention that this “improve our business and to support our long term vision” for current titles and upcoming development.

In addition, they said that they plan to realign the company into separate teams that would highlight expertise, better showcase games the company want to work and provide better experiences for the players. The company also goes on to say that they are “doing what it can” to help any employees affected by the layoffs. As far as how many were let go, it’s unknown at best.

This wasn’t the first time these layoffs occurred. Back in December of last year, 60-70 employees were laid off. Daybreak stated at the time that it was done to optimize their structure and reorganize resources. Made worse was that in April of said year, the company made staff reductions. This is concerning.

To all those affected by the layoffs, we at JackofallControllers wish you all the best of luck.

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