Today marks the first drop of new characters for Microsoft’s newest Gears of War game, Gears 5. The update will add, COG Hero and Deebee for the COG team characters, known as Heroes. While Warden and General Raam for the Swarm team characters, known as villains. Characters will bring new arcade playstyles to the game. The characters can be earned with a new system called Totem system. You’ll have to spend 100 scrap on totems and then attach them to your character to complete character challenges to unlock the new characters. The Coalition say it should take about 10 hours to unlock each character skin, but of course you can buy them with real money. They cost 500 Iron, which is about $5. The trailer showcasing the new characters can be viewed below.

Not only that but Gears 5 will get even more Terminator: Dark Fate characters. Mackenzie Davis will reprise her role from the movie and play Grace in Gears 5 and there will also be a Swarm character which is another Terminator called Rev-9, also from the new movie. The trailer can be seen below.

Are you keen to get back into Gears 5? Or have you given up on the game completely? Let us know!


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