Th update is live now for all players who have either purchased the game or have access to it through Xbox Game Pass.

Old Boot Fort has been seized by Dark Forces and using ancient magic has turned it into The Fort of the Damned. You must complete voyages to find Ritual Skulls and team up to tackle the fort. Fort of the Damned is Sea of Thieves biggest update since launch.

The game also comes with Halloween items from the Pirate Emporium like some additions to the pet range; The Skeleton Cockatoo and the Skeleton Marmoset. However these are only limited to the October update. When the November update rolls around they will be gone (probably until next Halloween). Arena’s now support two players and the biggest news to come out of this. You can now play the Banjo, which should be on the second page of your item radial.

Here’s a brief outline of what’s more stuff that’s been added and a trailer:

• Cosmetics galore, such as the new Ferryman of the Damned set of rewards and new stock in Duke’s Black Market including clothing from the Wild Rose, Wailing Barnacle and Redcoat Executive Admiral sets, Deep Ocean Crawler equipment and Fearless Bone Crusher weapons!

• More emergent loot including Skeleton Captains on islands (who drop a Villainous Skull and a Skeleton’s Orders map), washed-up Rag and Bone Crates and increased Doubloon rewards for Reaper’s Chests!

• New Commendations and brand new Xbox achievements!

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