If you’re planning on picking up Google’s Stadia controller at launch and plan to use it wirelessly, I have some bad news for you. You’re going to need Chromecast Ultra in order to do that. It will use a USB-C cable to connect to laptops and phones. Which is a shame because the company were stating that the controller will be the best way to combat input delay through the use of connecting straight through your Wi-Fi.

This news was spotted by 9To5Google, who made the information known. It is in a disclaimer in the latest Stadia explainer video (which can be seen at about the 1:22 mark below).

This almost feels like it’s rushed to the masses. Stadia already has a lot to prove with so many people that need convincing that this is the future of gaming. That this will eventually beat out physical and downloaded copies of games. That you won’t need super high fast internet to enjoy the newest games that are coming out and that they can work something out with the network data caps which riddle peoples Wi-Fi.

Are you excited for Stadia, have you pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition or are you going to wait and see? I’m more curious than excited. I am interested to see how Stadia will do in the wild and not demoed with the best network setting available and the fastest internet speeds possible.

Sources: The Verge, Nibellion on Twitter.

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