We’re quickly approaching one full month with Apple Arcade (it’s tomorrow!). In that timeframe, Apple has been hard at work ensuring that it’s subscription-based gaming service offers a premium lineup of games for a low monthly premium of $4.99. This week saw four new releases hit the mobile service, so let’s check them out.

Manifold Garden

After seven years of development, William Chyr Studio’s Manifold Garden is finally here. Take control of gravity as you venture forth to restore life to this wonderfully designed world, filled with all kinds of puzzles that encourage you to think outside of both the box, as well as the laws of physics. The in-game achievements offer a layer of challenge and replay value in what is already a must-play for Apple Arcade users. The awe-inspiring visuals and unique level design certainly make this one not to miss out on.

PAC-MAN Party Royale

First Tetris 99 rocked the world with their take on the battle royale genre, now PAC-MAN Party Royale is stepping up to the plate. Four Pac-Men are dropped into an arena, and the goal is simple: outlast the other three Pac-Men. Weave through a shrinking maze as you eat pellets to gain speed, avoid ghosts, and try to collect the super pellet in order to eat the ghosts, as well as the other Pac-Men. Those looking for a multiplayer fix with gameplay that’s easy to learn should look no further than this game.

Things That Go Bump

Tinybop Inc’s Things That Go Bump posits that maybe the cause of those floorboards creaking at night isn’t because there’s a monster hunting us, but maybe spirits just like messing with us. Playing as a forest spirit, you venture into a house on a mission to cause as much mischief as you can. Possess inanimate objects and combine them to create characters that you can then use to face off against the various house spirits that reside within. You can even take the action online with up to three other people, where everyone can craft their own monsters out of household items and pit them against one-another in battle. Creative gameplay, a charming art-style, and future content make this game one worth playing.

Ballistic Baseball

Developed by GameLoft, Ballistic Baseball seeks to deliver an action packed PvP baseball experience on mobile devices. Many baseball games I’ve played on the App Store often featured player-controlled batting, while the pitching and defense was left up to the ability of my computer-controlled allies. Here, the player is given control of every facet of their game. Combine that with the visual style and the plethora of customization options at your disposal, and Ballistic Baseball looks to be a pretty solid choice for any baseball fans dreading the end of the postseason.

What do you think of the latest offerings for Apple Arcade? How do you feel about Apple Arcade now that it’s been out for a month? Feel free to let us know, and remember to check in with Jack of All Controllers for more Apple Arcade news and updates in the near future.