Google….. seriously, you’ve failed. You really have made a fool over yourselves with Stadia. It’s available on only 4 phones at launch, a few tablets and laptops that most don’t own, and Chromecast alongside PC. That’s it, that’s literally all the supported platforms.

Add in the fact that you can only use the Stadia controller wirelessly on Chromecast, this isn’t looking to good.

Let’s put the icing on the cake though, let’s really make it seem like they don’t care; news flash, they don’t. You need a Wi-Fi connection at all times, you couldn’t use 4G LTE even if you wanted to. Google’s recommended speeds are blown away by my T-Mobile’s actual Internet, reaching 946mb down and 128mb up.

It’s strange that it won’t work and for those in the country side we could see why, but Microsoft and T-Mobile literally partnered for XCloud over cellular. So it’s not like it’s not possible, Google just likes being annoying.

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