A beta version for Sony’ 2012 fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has recently been uncovered. This build of the game goes back to when the game was called “Title Fight” and features a huge amount of changes to the game’s stages, character models, mechanics and much more. 

This early build of the game was found by content creator Kuriatsu sometime after she purchased a special developer version of a PS3 slim on eBay. She was treated to a version of the game that had an entirely different name and a completely different user interface but it was recognizably PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The beta unveiled potentially cut and placeholder characters, different fighting mechanics (like activating stage shifts with an item instead of the stage transitions happening naturally), different looks for the fighters, like a noticeably pudgier PaRappa the Rapper, and early designs for many of the stages that eventually made the final cut of the game. The Title Fight build is buggy and unfinished but plenty of its content can be played using the games debug menu. 

Kuriatsu reached out to Beta64 (who’s YouTube channel is filled with videos covering early builds of games) and he has created a dedicated video covering the beta content. Kuriatsu is also releasing more beta footage in a thirteen-part video series on her own YouTube channel.

Be sure to check out both sets of videos for the full scope of differences between Playstation All-Stars and Title fight. Beta64’s deep dive video into the beta, not only covers a majority of the found beta content found but also covers the history of PS All-Stars/Title Fight and how the game turned from a capture the flag platformer to the party brawler it became.

Source: Beta64’s Video

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