Death Stranding is hitting store shelves in a few weeks, boasting an impressive number of stars in its cast — along with a few fun cameos. Conan O’Brien recently got together with Hideo Kojima, and through O’Brien’s Team Coco YouTube account announced the latest addition to Kojima’s celebrity-packed game: Conan O’Brien in an otter suit.

I’m not joking.

O’Brien appears as a prepper in the game known as “The Wandering MC.” Connecting with him will yield you the sea otter suit — a triple stitched, silk suit threaded by the hands of this character’s cosplay partner that will make swimming in the river easier. As seen in the video, you’ll also get to hear a few jokes and one-liners from the comedian’s character, which all feel very natural. Seriously, the video itself is a lot of fun; give it a watch.

Conan O’Brien has hosted the late-night talk show Conan on TBS since 2010. Clueless Gamer is a recurring segment on the show, in which he plays certain video-games with certain celebrities, and hilarity ensues due to his (admitted) lack of skill at playing video-games. With Conan having a cameo in this game, it would seem only right that Death Stranding be next in line for Clueless Gamer, and honestly? I’m here for it.

Death Stranding releases for the PlayStation 4 on November 8th, 2019. Stay dialed into Jack of All Controllers for more impressions, news, as well as our official review in the near future.

Source: Team CoCo (YouTube)

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