According to a sales executive at Digital Pivot 360, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s London Studio is working on a spinoff to Guerrilla Games’ Horizon series.

On Twitter, Callum Hurley had a Tweet talking about a PS VR title that he didn’t know if it was on PS4 or PS5 but that the announcement could be on the “Horizon” with a capitalized H, hinting at the fellow Sony studio taking the IP and making good work out of it.

This isn’t really uncommon within Sony’s Worldwide Studios, as Bend Studio worked on a pair of Uncharted games in the past.

Later on, Hurley replied to a Tweet further being sly about the capitalized Horizon.

Horizon: Zero Dawn launched in 2017 exclusively on PS4, which was developed by Guerrilla Games. London Studio’s last project was Erica which was a collaborative effort between that studio and FlavourWorks that released a few months back.

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