Pre-note: I’m referring to the console (PS4/Xbox One) version of this game at all times unless stated otherwise.

Alright Infinity Ward, I absolutely love Modern Warfare. I mean, this is stupidly awesome. Nearly everything, at least to me, feel about right. What sucks though is as much progress as we’ve made; Cross-Play between all platforms, mouse and keyboard support, and the ability to enable or disable certain motion blur settings, we’re missing a massive feature – a FOV slider.

For someone like me, I adore having a massive FOV at all times. Whether it be TitanFall 2 on PS4 or Hot Lava on iOS, having a stupidly high FOV always makes me ecstatic because it makes the world more natural feeling. Especially in first person titles, it’s paramount that we have the customization of a way to play. If they’re worried about performance, put a disclosure, as this is something that I’ve been jealous of PC players for basically ever.

Allowing the FOV to be expanded by player will is great for options, but it can also improve your competitive side. You can see way more of where the enemy is standing, and it could make running feel faster. Modern Warfare is a SLOW paced game through and through, it’s a fantastic benefit that should make things go by faster (by tricking your mind, in a sense).

Just like motion blur could be adjusted, this is something that is also just as important. Hopefully they can update the game later on with the feature in place.

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