Mortal Kombat 11 has an expanding roster with amazing characters. There are so many abilities and skins to collect but there are even more people coming. Some people will be able to buy the next Kombat pack and see who’s actually in it, but below are who I’d like to see;

Pennywise – I want Pennywise in MK11 because he’d be a fun goof around character to play around as, and all of his costumes would be sweet and he’d be playing around with a balloon it would be hilarious. Pennywise would use his balloon to wrap it around their neck and make them float, drag them into the water and make them drown, and play with their dead bodies.

Micheal Myers – Micheal is an old halloween character that would be great because his finishers would be graphic and he would have some really great costumes. He would be a good player because of his finishers since they would likely be like the movies where he bashes heads together, chops off heads, and pick up his victims and chokes them until they’re dead.

Ash (The Evil Dead) – Ash is a really old character from an old movie with a chainsaw hand if they added him it would be an amazing fight scenery, also his costumes would be sick. His fighting scene would make it so he could use his chainsaw and guns. Ash would chop up his enemies with his chainsaw, shoot them in the head with his pistol and with his shotgun to leave them full of bullet holes.

Kratos – The God of War character would also be good to have back in MK11 because of his rage and his brave soul. His emotions about his son cause him to go ballistic since he wants to protect his kid. Kratos could use his axe to chop bodies in half, use his blades to rip apart his enemies, and use his strength to mangle his foes.

Bo Rai Cho – Bo Ri Cho has been in two Mortal Kombat games, so if they brought him back again that would be insane to play as with his moves since he’s an all around drunken master. They should also add his bow staff so it would be an amazing just to fart on people. As for finishers, he’d break their spine, puncturing them with his staff and pick them up to bash them into the ground.

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