Project Xcloud mobile is MIcrosoft’s next step in game streaming, In September they announced a public test of the service and I was lucky to be a part of it. I had a full day to enjoy the 4 games they had available which were Gears of War 5, Halo 5: Guardians, Killer Instinct, and Sea of Thieves. I used XCloud with both my Metro by T-Mobile service and my home Wi-Fi on my LG K40 running Android 8.1. I sacrificed all of my monthly data for the hour I played so your might require an unlimited plan to use it on the go, as for how well the games played via mobile data, it’s all based on the area in which you play. Unfortunately for me I was unable to get flawless play with my service but this is completely on my part. However, the service worked near flawlessly on my home Wi-Fi. My home internet speed clocks in at 200mps and it served me very well in this preview. The games looked just as good as they would have running on original hardware, sound was great with minor delay at times and the controls were good enough to win a few fights in Killer Instinct. This was great seeing a fighting game that requires perfect movement and control work so well on xcloud but it’s still not the best way to play. Shooting in Gears 5 and Halo 5 felt great just as if I was playing them on console. The game I found to be iffy was sea of thieves. I’m to assume I got worse performance from that since it all online based but I was still able to hear my crew’s voices during gameplay. The recommended controller is of course the bluetooth xbox one pad but you can connect a DS4 with bad results.Though DS4 can still be used I advise against it as the lantacy gets way worse and the button alignment does now work at all and is missing the Right Trigger which makes the games impossible to play so just stick with the Xbox one pad.

Side note, I also tried to run the streaming app with the popular android emulator BlueStacks but it would just refuse to open.

Overall I am blown away by what Microsoft put together here. Games streaming almost perfectly to my phone is truly amazing. Some work is still needed to iron out the very issues I  but I think Microsoft has the edge on Sony when it comes to game streaming. With Google Stadia coming soon it’s going to go head to head with Microsoft, but with the problems that google is having and Xbox Gamepass having so many games playable at such a low price, all my money is on Microsoft taking it. I look forward to the full release of XCloud.

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