Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that PS4 has surpassed a massive 102.8 million units, making it the 2nd best selling console of all time.

  1. PS2 – >155m
  2. PS4 – 102.8m
  3. PS1 – 102.49m
  4. Wii – 101.63m
  5. PS3 – 87.4m

This is a monumental achievement, and only dips down to #4 when you factor in handhelds!

  1. PS2 – >155m
  2. Nintendo DS – 154.02m
  3. GameBoy/GameBoy Color – 118.6m
  4. PS4 – 102.8m
  5. PS1 – 102.49m

For a console to reach this many sales in only 6 years is no laughing matter, in fact the console still to this day is outpacing PS2 despite Xbox and Nintendo having a much more prevalent presence.

PS5 launches in the Fall of next year, so it’s unknown if sales will slow drastically or if it’ll continue to be a juggernaut as an entry console for a few years.

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